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Dog Food Labels

Ever looked at the label on your dogs food and wondered what it all means? 

So your dog food is "Complete", what does this mean? Complete is a legal definition, using it on labels means the product contains all the nutrients your pet requires to support its daily life when the food is fed as described. 

So what does "Complementary" mean? Other food needs to be included in order to provide your pet with a nutritional balance. 

Composition is the list of ingredients, in descending order of weight, so the item which there is most of is listed first. You might see the ingredients listed by category, for example meat and animal derivates or the label may provide a full list which looks more like the lists which we see on our food labels. 

Meat and Animal Derivates, this category describes the animal based ingredients which form part of the food. Diary has its own category. You will see the percentage of meat included in the product, this is a legal requirement and represents the minimum amount of the named ingredient. 

Under composition you may see "Various Sugars". This is a category description which can refer to sucrose (cane sugar), fructose, glucose and honey. These are all natural products which can be included in your dogs food. 

Additives? This category can include vitamins, flavours, preservatives, antioxidants and colours. All additives must go through rigorous safety and efficacy tests. 

Under Analytical Constituents you will find one of terms crude ash, inorganic matter or incinerated residue. These are legal definitions, only one will be used which refer to the mineral content of your dogs food. These are not added ingredients. 

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